Winter 2018


The Curricula Issue

Rediscovering our world class learning and teaching

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Winter 201827 Jul 2018

Understanding, recognising and knowing

Across the country, teachers report that there are more children with high learning needs and the resources and funding to help these children are over-stretched. Education professionals talk here about how they deliver the curriculum to children with learning needs.

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Winter 201827 Jul 2018

We are all in this waka together

Janice Jones, deputy principal at Karori West Normal School, says the most important thing about being a truly inclusive school, in which every child thrives, is that the whole school is in the waka together.

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Winter 201816 Jul 2018

Resetting the clock

Before the changeover to Tomorrow’s Schools, the Department of Education had a curriculum development unit (CDU) that represented all areas of the curriculum.  

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