Summer 2021


The Environment Issue

Connection, citizenship, community

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Summer 202114 Jan 2021

Making Transitions

As Taranaki makes a “Just Transition” from fossil fuels to a carbon-neutral economy, educators, whānau and tamariki must transition as well.

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Summer 202113 Jan 2021

How to effect change

Once you identify that you want to take climate action, how do you get everyone on board? Ako asks educators who have succeeded how they created change.

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Summer 202113 Jan 2021

E kore au e ngaro / I shall not be lost

Where I come from, the kererū is revered. A food for royalty and women. Our kaumātua describe how the sky would get dark as clouds of kererū flew overhead, sounding like a loud helicopter as they flapped their wings through our echoing valleys. This memory from long before I was born was a sign of abundance.

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Summer 202112 Jan 2021

Looking to the opportunity ahead

I’m not sure if it’s the increase in grassroots movements, or the current government’s desire to highlight climate change, but in the education sector there’s a real thirst to be lifting our game.

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