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To literacy and beyond: Te Totara School

Michelle Simms, the librarian at Te Totara Primary School, talks about some of the ways she supports literacy at the school.

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To literacy and beyond

School libraries can boost literacy results for students, and they can also contribute to students’ sense of belonging. School librarians talk about how they serve the varied needs of their communities.

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Owhiro Bay School
Building bridges: from community to ECE to primary

The importance of whānau and community doesn’t lessen just because a child starts school, but it can be hard for educators to maintain these strong connections once a child leaves early childhood education. Jane Blaikie and Jane Arthur talk to educators across the country about the challenges they face when trying to build bridges between the child and their community.

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Forgotten gully becomes focus for science learning in Hamilton

A long-forgotten and disused gully behind a high school in Hamilton has turned into a science project for schools in the area.

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